Jubilee Services

New Work Day Added

A Second Work Day will be held on August 20  9am to 1pm

August 20, 2011 will be another opportunity to lend a hand by helping teachers prepare their classrooms for the start of the school year.  The brand new Spiritridge Elementary will be ready one week later and workers are needed to unpack boxes and set up classrooms.  You can register for both days or either one.  Be part of this opportunity to show our community the real Jesus!

 Newest Information for Jubilee 2011

Thank you for serving on Saturday, August 13.  We served in 8 Bellevue schools and 9 east Bellevue home sites.


One more chance to serve:  August 20 Service Day at Spiritridge

9:00 am - 1:00 pm   Registration is NOW closed, but show up at the school at 9:00 am.

Dinner and worship scheduled for Saturday, August 20 at Westminster Chapel has been canceled.


LAST day to register a child for the childcare program at First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue was Thursday, August 4th.

Registration is now closed for the August 13 Service Day.

Get excited.  God has great things in store for you and for Bellevue on August 13!!


School Sites and Shift Times

Ardmore Elementary                8am to noon

Cherry Crest Elementary           All Day 8-5

Enatai Elementary                    8am to noon

Lake Hills Elementary               1pm to 5pm

Phantom Lake Elementary        8am to noon

Sherwood Forest Elementary    8am to noon

Stevenson Elementary               All Day 8-5

Woodridge Elementary             8am to noon 


Spiritridge Elementary    Saturday, August 20 9am to 1pm 

Jubilee Service Days

Jubilee Day 2011 is Saturday, August 13 and Saturday, August 20!!

Jubilee Service Day started in 2005 as a celebration of 50 years of dedication to the Word of God by First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue.  One Saturday in August over 800 volunteers served at Stevenson Elementary School.  Each year since has brought new growth.  In 2006 The Jubilee REACH Center renovation was  the focus along with one additional school.  By 2007 there were six additional churches and five more schools.  Refurbishing Eastside homes and working at Bellevue Parks was added to the project in 2008.  In 2009 over 1,400 volunteers from 20 churches served at nine schools and 15 homes.
It's time again to sign on board and use your skills at an elementary school or one of the home improvement sites where the love of Jesus is demonstrated by people serving in His name.  Find your place in a Kingdom project that expresses God's care in our community.

Online Registration

CLICK HERE to register for the 2011 Jubilee Service Day


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What times can we work?

There are two separate work shifts: one AM and one PM.  The AM shift begins at 8:00 am and finishes at noon.  The PM shift begins at 1:00 pm and finishes at 5:00 pm.  It is possible to volunteer for two shifts.  Childcare is ONLY available during the AM shift. Schools closest to the childcare location are Cherry Crest and Stevenson Elementaries.

Are there other days when I can serve?

Yes! We have a second day of service on August 20 at Spiritridge Elementary from 9Am to 1PM to help them get unpacked and set up in their new building.

What do I wear?
Work attire is appropriate.  Please take into account the weather for the day.  School volunteers may be inside or out depending on their assignment.  Home volunteers should definitely wear sturdy shoes and work clothes.  Those working outside should be sure to bring sunblock.
What types of work might I be doing?
Schools:  Classroom assistance jobs may vary from working on bulletin boards, to cutting out materials, to sorting and filing, decorating, etc.
Volunteers at Ardmore Elementary will be helping to move teachers into their temporary location for the school year.  It will involve moving boxes on dollies, unpacking, shelving, etc.

Home volunteer jobs:  These will vary between landscaping work, various projects, possibly including deck building, painting both inside and outside, hauling debris to the dump, cleaning, etc. 
Do I need to bring water?
We are trying to cut down on garbage and request you bring your own water containers.  At the schools, you can refill them easily.  At the home sites, there will be Gatorade if it's hot and additional water bottles, since all the work will be outside. 
Do I need to bring food?
Snacks will be provided to all workers during each shift.  In addition, if you have volunteered for both shifts, you will be provided with a lunch.  Please remember to bring your own water container.
Do I need to bring tools?
That depends on your assignment. 
In the schools, if you are power washing or window washing, you may be asked to bring tools.
Staplers can be handy if you are working in a classroom, but are not always needed.
For the home volunteers, tools are very necessary, but depend again on your assignment.  You will be receiving more information later about that.
If you bring any tool, please be sure it is labeled with your name and contact information.
Will I be working alone?
In most cases, people will be working in small group teams, led by a team leader.  Again it depends on the nature of your assignment, but in general, most people will be working in a small group of people.
Can my children work with me?
Yes, any children ten through fourteen must work with their parents at a school or home location.  In most cases, depending on the child, a school location is most appropriate.
Is there childcare?

Yes, for volunteers during the AM shift only and for children between the ages of 3 and 10.  Pre-registration is REQUIRED.

LAST Day to register a child for the child care program is Thursday, August 4.

  We are sorry we are unable to provide childcare for children younger than 3.  Children 10 and older are able to volunteer with their parents.  The location of the child care program is at First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue, 171 Bellevue Way NE, north of downtown Bellevue.   Enatai is the closest school, along with Stevenson Elementary.

For any additional questions, please email gking@belpres.org.